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What is SEO?

The set of techniques that makes websites or blogs easily navigable on various search engines is called SEO. It basically stands for Search Engine Optimization and as the name suggests, the process helps in optimization of a website, making it vividly visible on search engine platforms. SEO is primarily an art of making a website user-friendly and readable. While, this art is also a science, since SEO executes technical processes to improve the ranking of a site on the search pages, which is better called Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This optimization is abided by set of guidelines and occurs at several stages.

Role of SEO

In order to be well-versed with these guidelines, we need to first understand the importance of SEO. As an internet user, one understands the importance of search engines in their daily life scenarios. Search engines are the platform which helps in searching potential answers to our questions. The magical links that appears on our screens are the primary suggestions to our queries. All the search engines are fed with an algorithm which alters the sequence of the links appearing on the first webpage. Now, here comes the role of SEO, if your website is revamped and optimized through creative SEO techniques, then the link to your website will appear first in the search results.

How SEO works?

The phrase, “First come, first served” is true in this scenario. This is because a user is most likely to click on the first five suggestions rather than surfing on the second or third webpage. Therefore, it won’t be wrong, if we say SEO helps in curbing the competition. For example, if  the websites are selling products under same niche then the optimized website will definitely be preferred more by customers.

When the website’s content is digestible by the search engines, it is displayed as relevant content and thus directs the quality traffic in good number towards the website, making it look reliable. Here, one needs to understand that payment is not involved here. SEO is like a free marketing technique that generates organic traffic for the websites.

Now that it’s fairly clear that how SEO helps in increasing the credibility of a website, let’s plunge into the different SEO techniques.

On page SEO

On-page SEO techniques are often touted as on-site optimization. As the name goes, on-page SEO techniques are directly related to the website and its content. The on-site procedures ensure that a website has perfect anatomy for being search-engine friendly and readable. These techniques not only make your website’s content digestible for search engines, but also one the most favorite food itemsfor the top search engines.

The top on-page factors include organization of textual content and its quality, visual presentation, quality of the code, etc. Your content must be well-organized and fed with the right keywords which are most searched by the users. If the above steps are followed and strictly obeyed then a website’s online reputation is definitely improved. It’s like search engines are the noisy market places and On-page SEO techniques help in making the voice of your website heard.

Off page SEO

In contrast to the on-page SEO which is all about HTML codes and quality content, Off-page SEO is all about backlinks, reviews. In layman words, Off-page SEO techniques work off the website to get good rankings on search engine page results. These off-site procedures help in establishing the popularity of a website and thus establishing its reliability.

The top off-page factors are backlinks, marketing on social media, social bookmarking, etc. A nicely optimized website needs the push of some off-site factors to earn high ranking. This push is provided by the backlinks from different other websites and platforms and the marketing of the same through various blogs and posts.

Meta Description

Meta Description is an attribute of on-page SEO. It is a concise description that is visible on the SERP. This summary serves as a bait to lure users and thus increases the click-through rate of a website on a search-engine.

Meta Tags

The snippets describing a page’s content that aren’t visible on the page itself but are used in HTML are called Meta Tags. Basically, Meta tags help a search engine in identifying the relevant information by comparison of keywords and then displaying it on a webpage.

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