Mini-Guide to Licensed Plumbing


Licensed plumber application


Who is a licensed Plumber?

One might think defining a licensed plumber is like eating a piece of cake, the plumber who has a license for his knowledge and training is known to be a licensed plumber. But, this is not the real deal, defining a licensed plumber is instead like baking a cake which involves various precise and defined steps. That’s how we will proceed with the definition, step by step. A licensed plumber is an expert in plumbing who tends to carry exceptional workmanship. He is plumber with relatively high standards of training, experience, and knowledge as compared to a regular plumber. The customers can entrust a licensed plumber with any sort of plumbing service, like drain cleaning, installation, inspections, repairs, etc.

It is important to identify the differences between a licensed plumber and an unlicensed one. Calling out the importance of a licensed plumber as equivalent to a doctor would be the most appropriate simile. During the emergency situations like water leakage, sewer lining clogging, water filtration repairs, pressure regulation, etc. One needs a reliable service. A licensed plumber just like a doctor will do whatever it takes to make your house’s plumbing system as efficient and healthy as possible. The repairs done would forbid any critical situations like waterborne diseases etc. Just like a professional doctor, a licensed plumber will take care of the health of your house’s plumbing system and in turn your health,, whereas an unlicensed plumber may not have the required experience and necessary plumbing skills for the job. Therefore, he might end up delivering an improper plumbing service which is considered as defective work and can pose serious health problems for the residents of house. This states the importance of license not only for plumbers but also for the consumers and their homes.


Now that one has the vivid image of a licensed plumber we must proceed to the requirements of being one. In order to get jobs on contract one needs the license of plumber but if you are seeking apprenticeship under a plumbing contractor or another licensed plumber ten there is no need of a license. Have a perusal through the following in order to be well-versed with the requirements to gain a license to plumbing.

  • The first eligibility criterion is the age bar. The candidate seeking the license must not be under 18 years.
  • The applicant for license must bear the experience of total 4 years. These four years of experience must be gained in the last ten years when the person is working at the journeyman level. Now, this experience can be gained in two ways. The first way is the actual plumbing work experience, while the second is an apprenticeship program. One must not here that the weightage of apprenticeship program experience is always more than the actual work experience in terms of standard of contracts offered to the candidate after getting the desired license.
  • The last requirement is to fill out the proper application along with the processing fee.

How to apply for a license?

Follow the following steps to apply for a license in plumbing.

  1. Fill out the application availed at State License board website
  2. After the submission of application, you must take the business and law exam to practice your trade skills. After the written test, you are eligible to appear for trade exam
  3. The candidate must have a proof for the accessibility to the minimum working capital of $2,500.
  4. The candidate must seek a surety bond which is filed with California State License Board.

One must note that the procedure for application for a plumbing license is different for different states. The above requirements as well steps for application are described in regards to California State.

Licensed Plumber salary

The salary of a plumber depends upon his plumbing school education, experience as journeyman or apprentice, etc. As a licensed plumber the tentative hourly wage is of $26.22. This wage can go as high as $47.52 per hour depending upon the type of contract. Thus, the average annual salary of  a licensed plumber is around $54,540 which can go as high as $100,000 based on your potential and skills.