How to Become a Roofer


If you want to become a roofer, there are some steps that you are going to have to follow. Roofing is a rewarding career that can be quite lucrative depending upon who you work for and especially whether or not you work for yourself. But in order to make a career out of roofing, you have to be able to provide professional service and do a highly-skilled job that takes a lot of training and experience. Let’s take a look at the steps that are involved in becoming a roofer.

What Roofers do

First, it is worth exploring what exactly roofers do, because those just getting into the field may not have the entire picture. It should be fairly obvious that a roofer is someone who builds or repairs roofs for commercial and residential buildings. Roofers work with a variety of materials including tar, gravel, thermoplastic, roofing tiles, metal and many more. Roofers need to be well-versed in modern roof design, as well as know how to work on older roofs and update them to meet modern building codes. Roofers also need to be trained in using a variety of tools and working in dangerous environments – especially working dozens of feet above ground on sloped roofs.

Education for Roofers

If you want to become a roofer, one of the best places to start is by getting an education in roofing. There are colleges out there that offer degree programs to teach you what you need to know to work on roofs including repair, installation, modernizing and more. These courses and degree programs are usually around two years and will prepare the modern roofer for starting at the ground level within a roofing company. These degree programs will teach a great deal to a beginning roofer, but nothing can beat actually getting out there and working on roofs – and learning from more experienced roofers.

Finding Roofing Apprenticeships

Many roofers do not attend school at all for roofing. Instead, they seek out beginner-level roofing jobs where they can get in on the ground floor and become sort of a roofing assistant. These informal roofing apprenticeships can teach the beginner everything that they need to know to become a roofer in the future. These jobs usually do not pay very much at first, but the apprentice roofer can learn everything that they need to know to move on to better paying roofing jobs, and eventually, even enough to start their own roofing company.

Getting Roofing Jobs

For those who have gotten an education in roofing or undergone an apprenticeship, starting a roofing company may be the next natural step. But once you hang out your shingle, how do you get roofing jobs? This is one of the most challenging aspects of roofing – and in fact of any service-oriented business – because without a reputation it is difficult to get jobs and it is impossible to build a reputation without working. However, there are lots of resources to get leads thanks to the Internet. You can advertise online and get your first roofing jobs using local search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising or a variety of other methods.

Building Your Roofing Business

  1. Building your roofing business is not going to be easy. Building a business never is. Once you get your first few roofing jobs, you can create a foundation from which to build the rest of your business. Customer referrals, online ratings and finished roofs that you can point to as your own work are all vital ingredients when it comes to building a successful roofing business.