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As a contractor, you rely upon leads in order to run your business. But why do some contractors seem to get plenty of leads online, while others have to be content with the rare email letting you know that someone is interested in their services? There are a few possible reasons, but the most common one is poor search engine optimization.

In order to use the internet effectively to get leads, you first have to understand how it works on a much deeper level than most people go. If you use the internet to check emails, browse online once in a while and download apps on your mobile device, then you are only scratching the surface of what the internet has to offer. This makes it really difficult to understand the much deeper principles that are required in order to take full advantage of it to get leads. This is especially true when it comes to brick-and-mortar businesses that are promoting themselves online. This is a completely different ballgame than the one played for an online business, and it is why most contractors simply do not get leads from their website or online advertising.

What you have to understand is that the internet isn’t just a “thing” to millennials and other superusers. The internet isn’t just something that they use – it is something that they are a part of. It surrounds them like a web with tendrils stretching out into social media channels, organic web searches, online shopping, games, videos and much, much more. These people make up the bulk of your customer base, and you have to meet them where they are if you want them to seriously consider you as a contender for their business.

When it comes to hiring a contractor, every year that goes by is out with the old and in with the new. That means that those contracting companies who cannot or will not compete online for business are going to lose the majority of the customers that are out there. Although new homeowners rarely hire contractors, the first generation of millennials is now reaching the age and level where they might consider remodeling, and the rest will be coming along shortly.

So, how do you speak to these millennials? You have to get out in front of them and wave them down. You need to be posting your metaphorical billboard on the highway that they’re traveling on, and that means the Information Superhighway. That means that you need to make search engine optimization your number one priority.

Think about your business. Does it come up number one in the search engine results for your keywords? Does it come up first in local search results? If the answer is no, then you need to improve your SEO. Your local search listings through Google and other search engines are the number one way that companies are found for local “Yellow Pages” internet searches. People type in a business and a location into Google and like organic search; choose one of the first results.

In addition, you need to be listed in regular search for buying keywords that are within your area. For example, someone searching for “Fencing Contractor Chicago” would probably be pretty happy with a quote from a Chicago-based contractor. You just have to make sure that they end up on your website where you can pitch them that quote Zeflix company that knows the internet. Like the customers you are targeting, we live on the internet. We breathe, eat and sleep the internet. We know what it takes to make a business website get traffic, and to turn that traffic into conversions.

We only work with a single type of company at a time in a region, so if you choose to let us help you, then you’ll be the only company we work with in your customer area. What that means is that your competitors don’t stand a chance, because we are very, very good at our jobs. Give us a call or contact us online and find out just how much we can do for your business SEO.


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Search Engine Optimisation

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We know that long term work make better result than one time work, that why we created Monthly Seo Campaigns

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